Regional Data DMZ

High-bandwidth network connectivity between the regional networks, originally PennREN (KINBER) and NJEdge as well as individual organizations located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


  • Data DMZ backbone consisted of direct 10 GE connections between Rutgers, NJEdge and KINBER.
  • Data Hubs connect directly to the Data DMZ or through their regional network:
    • Rutgers University 
    • PennState
  • Data Spokes connect through the regional network – FIONAs deployed at Hub and Spoke sites:
    • New Jersey: Rutgers Camden, Rutgers Newark
    • Pennsylvania: Drexel, Temple, University of Pittsburgh
    • New York: City University of New York.
The VDC federation was extended to the University of Utah and integrated infrastructures such as Open Science Grid and public cloud resources through Cloudbank.

Network Monitoring

A FIONA box at Rutgers University New Brunswick campus was configured and served as a central measurement archive during the first phase of the project.

 The VDC middleware provide network monitoring of the VDC federation, which is available in the VDC portal.