Regional Data DMZ

High-bandwidth network connectivity between the regional networks, PennREN (KINBER) and NJEdge as well as individual organizations located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


  • Data DMZ backbone consists of direct 10 GE connections between Rutgers, NJEdge and KINBER.
  • Data Hubs connect directly to the Data DMZ or through their regional network:
    • Rutgers University 
    • PennState
  • Data Spokes connect through the regional network – FIONAs deployed at Hub and Spoke sites:
    • New Jersey: Rutgers Camden, Rutgers Newark
    • Pennsylvania: Drexel, Temple, University of Pittsburgh
    • New York: City University of New York.

Network Monitoring

A FIONA box at Rutgers University New Brunswick campus is configured as the central measurement archive.

MaDDash Dashboard

Mesh JSON file

Central Measurement Archive